Home Staging Done Right

Dated: 09/16/2018

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Home Staging Done Right

    After 23 years at one address, this homeowner’s life plans changed.  Thus, his address has changed also.  But, how does one pack up a 4-bedroom house after all those years?  Slowly, but surely.  You take one room at a time.  You decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away.  You can also pay for a service to come in and do it all for you once you’ve sorted through everything.

    Family Room

    The wood floors are bamboo with a definite grain.  The area rug softens the hardwood and emphasizes a conversation area.  The bar is an antique piece that fits perfectly in the corner bridging the dinette with the family room.  One can easily play bartender serving both rooms.  Lots of natural light filter in through the large windows.  The wood-burning fireplace keeps you cozy during the long Wisconsin winters.

    Kitchen BeforeKitchen After

    There used to be an island in the kitchen, but the homeowner felt it cut the kitchen in half.  Therefore, he detached it and used it as a peninsula (before photo).

    A better idea was to use this mobile kitchen cart (after photo) since it can be rolled to where it is most needed.  If  more room is needed at the dinette table, it can be used as a serving cart or placed as a temporary island.  You can also use bar stools to “belly up” to the cart.

    Living Room

    After hanging one of my favorite pieces above the sofa, it just didn’t feel right.  The scale wasn’t right, the color wasn’t right.  Home Stagers have a sort of “sixth sense” when placing art and accessories. So, after staging the rest of the house, I circled back to the living room and changed out the wall art.  You’ll notice the ironwork fits perfectly behind the sofa in the family room (see photo above).  This two-piece canvas art was “just the ticket.”  The gold in the artwork shimmers when the sun filters in through the dining room windows.

    Master Bedroom/Bath

    The antique dressers fit in nicely with a contemporary bed frame and screen head board because the mattress is tall.  Tall mattresses were used by royalty and “the upper crust.”  It exudes a luxurious feeling of being pampered by soft bed linens.  A low bed frame and mattress is definitely a more modern style.

    With the spa-like master bathroom just steps away, the owners have a separate get-away to relax and recharge.  The very large walk-in closet has its own window for light and fresh air.

    eXp Realty, LLC

    Staging is a service I offer all my listings, whether occupied or vacant.  Since most people start their home search online, it is a winning combination to stage and then list the house.  I can do the same for you.

    Call Premiere Stagers & Realty at 608-345-9396.

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